High Blood Pressure and Body Weight

High Blood Pressure and Body WeightWe live in a society that focuses on body weight in terms of appearance. Many people consider excessive body weight to be unattractive, which has led to some really despicable treatment of people who struggle with their weight. The body acceptance movement, which started in response to that treatment, pushes back on that societal ideal and promotes the idea that fat can be attractive. We absolutely agree with some parts of that movement and believe that no one should be shamed for their physical appearance.

However, some parts of the body acceptance movement also promote the idea that you can be fat but fit. That is a true statement, but also somewhat misleading when used in an overly broad context. While many overweight people, especially people who are only moderately overweight, may not experience any negative health consequences from carrying extra weight, the medical research is very clear that carrying extra weight is associated with significant health risks. One of those risks is high blood pressure, which, if left unmanaged, can lead to heart attacks, strokes, and organ damage. Whether you have borderline hypertension or have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, lifestyle changes are an important component for blood pressure management, and, if you are overweight, losing even 10 pounds can have a dramatic and positive impact on your blood pressure.

At Epstein Chiropractic, we offer a medical weight loss program that can help you achieve your weight loss goals, including weight loss to reduce hypertension. The ChiroThin Weight Loss Program is a supervised weight loss program that is easy to implement in your daily life. ChiroThin uses real food you buy at the grocery store, not expensive prepackaged meals. ChiroThin uses real food, not meal replacement shakes or bars. Finally, ChiroThin is affordable and easy to implement and does not require you to use drugs or have a surgery.

There are plenty of places that will tell you that they have the magic bullet for weight loss. They are wrong. There is no safe and effective weight loss strategy that you can implement without changing diet and exercise habits. Focusing on acquiring and reinforcing healthy habits is a huge component of the ChiroThin program. However, what ChiroThin does is amplify the results of your lifestyle change. ChiroThin is a natural dietary supplement that aids in fatty acid transportation, fatty acid metabolism, and blood sugar stabilization. Those three things help it boost your metabolism, giving you faster weight loss results, quickly. Success helps reinforce the good habits you are forming, helping you make a lasting change. If you need to lose weight to improve your health, let Epstein Chiropractic show you how ChiroThin can help you.

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